Manufacturer Audits

Your supply chain is only as good as its weakest link. The only way to ensure smooth running of your business and uninterrupted supply of goods is to thoroughly vet potential suppliers before integrating them into your supply chain.

Factory Audits by WeCheck are a cost- and time-effective way to prepare a complete profile of your potential supplier, ensuring they will become a reliable part of your global supply chain. With an WeCheck CTS Vendor Audit Report in hand you will be able to confirm that the audited site is capable of delivering to your production specifications, address and prevent potential further costly disruptions once production is launched.

Vendor Audit Expertise

WeCheck's vendor audit adhere to the internationally recognized ISO 9000 standards for Quality Management System. Our auditors are profiled specialists with an average of 5 years of experience in the field, and undergo regular training and attestation.

In the scope of a Manufacturing Audit, WeCheck auditors conduct an extensive evaluation of your supplier's facilities and management systems. The standard Manufacturing Audit covers:

Factory Audit
 A. Factory profile
 B. Human Resources
 C. Certifications
 D. Factory Facilities and Environment
 E. Quality Assurance System F. Incoming Materials Control
 G. Process and Production Control
 H. In-house Lab-Testing
 I. Final inspection
 J. Health and Safety


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